Sunday, May 06, 2012

Make a Messterpiece!

On Saturday morning we decided to take Madgie and Patch to our new favorite place (where we have a membership now) Make A Messterpiece! It is a great place where kids can do all kinds of crafts and get messy (they have smocks on the entire time) without a lot of clean-up! The kids love it!  So here is Abbey showing Patch how to do bubble art!

Juliette really like bubble painting!

Ben shows Madgie how it works.

Someone is quite proud of herself...

What a great set of parents!!

Then it was time to move to the kitchen station where they made Pineapple smoothies!  Ben and Abbey seemed to enjoy theirs, but I think Juliette would have been more happy drinking the cup of milk  before they added anything else to it!

Ben and Juliette making "seed bombs"

Then we decided to buy them each a wooden item of their choosing to paint (they each cost about $4).  Juliette chose a bird house and concentrated very hard on painting it just how she wanted it.

Ben chose a treasure box.

And Abbey chose a tall bird house.

Here are Juliette and Abbey's birdhouses.  Notice all of the exquisite detail and flair Abbey put on hers!

And Ben did great on his treasure box too!

Whew - that was a lot of fun!  That night, Madgie and Patch settled in with the kids for family movie night while Paul and I went out to dinner!  Thanks Madgie and Patch for watching the kids!
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