Monday, May 14, 2007

Snorkeling -- minor update!

We have done lots of snorkeling while in Hawai'i. I tried to take some good pictures. I hope you will humour me and take a look.

I found Gill and Dory, but I am still looking for Nemo.

There were quite a few of these fish in the water. I believe they are called convict tang.

There were also quite a few humuhumunukunukuapuaa. (That is the name :) )
They seemed a little shy so the pictures didn't come out quite as good.
A pretty neat sea urchin. Much better than the armpit ones we normally get to see while snorkeling.

This was a pretty neat flounder. This is a really cool fish to watch swim.

Pretty blue fish...
Yellow tang and one of those armpit urchins I talked about before.

On Oahu I got to see an octopus, which was something I had never seen before while snorkeling. He was a little shy for the camera, but you can just make him out here.

We also got to swim with a couple of sea turtles.

I tried to take a nice video of it. Sorry it's a little shaky, but I was swimming as fast as I could just to keep up.

The oddest fish of all.

These pictures were taken off of Molokini, K'annappali, and Big Beach on Maui, also in Hanauma Bay on Oahu. Big beach was my favorite, but it is in a unprotected area exposed to bigger waves. You need to be pretty comfortable with snorkeling to go around all the points. Also if you go too far you wind up on a nude beach. Let's just say they don't like strangers with cameras, and I didn't like being there.

Hanauma was really cool, it was crowded near the shore, but much better once you swam out through some of the channels.


Anonymous said...

Coool....Very nice pictures...did u take camera in water.....

PablitoRun said...

We have a waterproof case for our Digital Camera. They are kind of hard to find because they have to be specifically built for each camera.

It is a lot of fun, but the case wasn't cheap :(