Sunday, February 21, 2010

The After Party

After the party ended, we had family over to our house to open presents and keep the celebration going all day long! Here is Ben opening up some of his presents.

We ate the cake at home (had cupcakes at the party)...

Juliette had a good time catching up with her cousins, like Cousin Andrew...

And playing with Aunt Domi...

Happy Birthday Ben - it's been a fun week of celebration!

By the way, I took Ben (and Abbey and Juliette) to the doctor on Friday for his 4 year appointment. He weighed in at 39 pounds and 41 inches, putting him in the 85th percentile. He passed his eye exam with flying colors and did great during his examination. I can't believe 4 years has passed by so quickly and how much our life has changed in those 4 years. We are so blessed and thankful for those blessings.

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Ben's Birthday Party

Ben's birthday party was today and what a great celebration we had! Aunt Teesa made him this AMAZING Lightning McQueen cake (from the movie Cars for those of you without a 4 year old). Thanks Aunt Teesa - he absolutely loved it!

We went to Pump It Up for Ben's party where all the kids enjoyed playing in the jump house and going down the slides. Abbey had a blast!

Here are the birthday boys (Ben split the party with his best friend from school since their birthdays are 1 day apart).

And here is the birthday boy blowing out his candles!

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Happy Mardi Gras!

Thanks to Mama Kay and Papa for all the great Mardi Gras goodies they sent us this year! Glad to hear you guys had so much fun and we hope to join you there next year possibly!

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Snow Bunnies

Well the weather turned warmer for a bit (40 degrees!) so we headed outside to play in the snow. It was the first time Juliette has really been in the snow, and she seemed ok with it. Ben is trying to show her how to make snow angels, but since the sun was so bright, they ended up just resting there for a moment.

Juliette was all bundled up.
And she quickly fell asleep from the fresh air and bright sun.

Ben and Abbey played with our small playground set and had fun sliding in the snow.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Ben is 4!!

It's hard to believe, but our little Baby Ben turned 4! We started the celebration with a party at school and some cupcakes!

Then we came home to open some presents. He was very excited with all the wonderful gifts he received - thank you to everyone who sent him something!

He really wanted a confetti cake, so I was happy to make one for him.

Blowing out the candles.

His big party is this weekend, so I am sure more pictures will be posted after that, but we had a nice family celebration on his actual birthday too!
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Well we had quite a celebration at our house! We went out to breakfast and opened all the wonderful cards we received in the mail. Thank you to Madgie and Patch, Mama Kay and Papa, Mimi, and Nana and Great-Patch for sending the kids such great cards - they got a real kick out of opening them all! There were a few surprise treats as well once we got home from breakfast. Ben got some lollipops and was happy to share them with his sister, who loves "pops"!

Abbey got a beautiful rose and teddy bear...

Juliette did too, and thankfully Ben was willing to help her pose with her treat.

Happy Valentine's Day from the kids!

Juliette really enjoyed her first Valentine's Day!

And Daddy really enjoyed adding another to his list of special Valentine's!

Play Time!

Well, winter is often a tough time to keep the kids entertained. It has been pretty cold, so we have been staying inside. Luckily, we still have lots of Christmas presents we are enjoying. Dr. Ben has used all his tools to fully examine the family to ensure we stay healthy in this cold and flu season!
Dr. Abbey was ready to do the same, but was mostly just interested in carrying the "purse"

There is always entertainment with these two!

Even Juliette has been having fun playing with her toys!

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