Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Break

After Matthew's Baptism was Spring Break! We had originally had visions of getting away to the Dells for a few days, but with Matthew's unpredictable sleeping we decided that was probably not the best idea. So we opted for one night at Key Lime Cove, which is smaller, closer and only one night away (although you can use the water park for the two full days surrounding the night). It is about 40 minutes away from our house, so we told the kids we had booked a hotel for the night so we could just have a small get away as a family. We packed their suits in case there was a pool....boy were they surprised when we showed up and found a huge indoor water park!  Here are the kids when we arrived saying, "Mom, no pictures, let's get our suits on please!"
Matthew enjoyed the water too!!
A nice thing about this place was it had a free arts and crafts area with a Disney movie always playing.  My kids love to color so it was a nice break from the water at times.  Check out these shades the kids made me!
His future's so bright...
Matthew enjoying his first experience in a pool....
He actually did seem to enjoy it.  The water was warm enough and seeing how much he loves his baths, this was not a surprise!

And we had a nice lady offer to take our picture.  Unfortunately, our focus wasn't working correctly and this is what we got.  It makes me so sad because it looks like we are all actually smiling too!  Oh well, enjoy the blurry picture!
Matthew needed a break (so did Mommy)!
Abbey needed a break sometimes too - it's tiring doing all the swimming and running around!
When not swimming or sleeping, we enjoyed lounging on the chairs and taking it all in...
Matthew actually did really well on this trip.  I don't think we could have gone for more than one night, but for the two days we were there, he was great! 
The rest of spring break we spent resting up from this adventure and playing with each other around the house. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

More Pics

Thank you Mama Kay for these great pictures taken from Matthew's Baptism! This shows really well how Ben and Juliette helped pour the water on Matthew's head, which was so special for them and us to see.

This picture also shows Abbey's hesitation.  Love that girl!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Sacramental Week!

The week before Spring Break was very special religiously for our family. First, Ben made his First Reconciliation! He prepared diligently, wrote out what he wanted to say, and went in like a champ! He wanted to see Fr. Matt (our Pastor that we have come to know fairly well) and he came out beaming and feeling great! He said he wanted to go every week. Since then, we have not yet gone because he then decided he should wait and make sure he had a good list before going in...don't worry Ben, you are wracking them up with the not listening sins - ha, just kidding buddy!  Afterward, he received a wooden cross from the Church to signify the big day. 
He proudly wore it to school the next day too!
And we celebrated with some vanilla ice cream to signify the white purity (and also because it is his favorite flavor)!
Then a few days later we started off our big baptismal weekend for Matthew!  Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny and Baby Brendan (who is not so much of a baby anymore) flew in and the kids were so excited to see Brendan again!
Patch getting some Matthew time!
Brendan really liked Belle (the "woof woof").
It was super cute to see him chase her around and play with her.  Unfortunately she is a big dog and she accidentally knocked him over and he fell into a chair getting quite a big boo boo on his head :(  She's very sorry!  But that didn't stop him from loving her!
The big day arrived and Brendan looked smashing in his suit (and you can see the cut on his head covered with steri strips).
Then Matthew got into his outfit - Baptismal Gown from Paul's great grand-mother Louisiana Bacon Dwyer - over 120 years old!  He looks adorable in it!
Proud parents with Matthew!
We were very blessed to have a private baptism with Fr. Matt, which was very special.  We kept it to only immediate family and it was very personal and intimate, which was perfect.  Fr. Matt joked that we didn't have to name our baby after him in order to get a private baptism :)
Andrew, our Godson, is now our son's Godfather (did you follow that?).  He did a reading for us.
Fr. Matt with Matthew
Getting the oil on his chest.
He had everyone come up around the baptismal font so we could all be close and participate.
And you can't really tell from this picture (if someone has a more up close shot of this please let me know), but Fr. Matt had Ben and Juliette (Abbey was too shy and would only stand next to me) help him pour the water over Matthew's head to baptize him.  It was very special to include the kids - they really enjoyed it.
Aunt Ginny is Matthew's Godmother and she is putting on the bib here.
Fr. Matt putting the oil on Matthew's head - Matthew actually smiled when he did it which was so cute!
After!  Matthew did awesome!  He was awake and smiling the whole time - he really enjoyed his special day!
Look at that smile!
Our family with Fr. Matt.
Our family with Matthew's godparents - Aunt Ginny and Cousin Andrew.
So, again, Andrew is our Godson and now Matthew is his Godson - Domi called it two generations of God's family.
With Mama Kay and Papa
With Madgie and Patch
Matthew and his Godparents

I am also Godmother to Brendan, so we tried to get a picture of Ginny and I with our Godsons.  Brendan was not happy that Ginny was holding another baby.  This picture turned out cute...
But this picture shows more of what was happening...Mommy, hold me, I need you, don't let this other lady hold me, Mommy!!!!
Such a cutie in his outfit!
Then it was back to the house for some food.  Fr. Matt also came over, which was really nice.
And Matthew changed into his party outfit!
Of course I made him a cake!  I was actually planning to buy a cake, but we were in the party store and Ben guilted me into buying a cross shaped pan because he said we could use it for his First Communion too (and then I started thinking of Abbey, Juliette and Matthew's first communions too).  So I caved and bought the pan and made the cake.  Since then, Ben has requested I buy him an ice cream cake for his First Communion!  I quickly told him he would be getting a cross shaped cake since he was the one who wanted it in the store in the first place!!!
Matthew really enjoyed the party before finally getting sleepy and needing a nap!  He was really so great all day!
And Brendan (and Uncle Chris and Aunt Ginny) had to leave to fly back home.  So I got a quick picture with Brendan.  I think I took him by surprise because right after this shot he immediately looked for Mommy and went to her for comfort - ha!
But before they left there was a little time for some cousin fun.

Hugs!  See you soon Brendan!
It was really a lovely weekend.  We were so pleased with how personal it was and what a great job Fr. Matt did, especially involving the kids in the baptism.  We are so thankful for everyone who traveled to be with us for this special occasion too.  We hope to see everyone again soon.  And if anyone has any good pictures from the weekend, please send them to me so I can have them and maybe I will put more up on the blog if people send them to me.