Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Happenings

It is not technically winter yet, despite the temperature outside right now, so I am not technically late on giving a fall happenings update :)  But, back in October we had the cub scout rocket launch, which is always a lot of fun!  It is held at the local Catholic High School, which luckily had some football practice equipment out on the field for Juliette to play in...

She easily mastered that one!

But on to the serious task at hand...launching Ben's rocket!  Love this picture!

Good friends!

Not only did we have Ben's rocket that he built and decorated to launch, but we also had the mega rocket that Santa brought him last year to launch, which everyone was impressed with!

The girls really enjoyed the football equipment.

Even Mommy got to help Ben launch his rocket!

After the rocket launch we had a good friend from high school, who happened to be in town for a wedding, stop by with her two kids.  All of the kids got along great and here is a shot of all of them (and of course, we couldn't leave out Belle apparently).

My best friend from high school, Kelley!  Thank you guys so much for visiting - it was so fun to catch up and I hope we get to see you again soon!
The next weekend was the Chicago Marathon!  Paul trained all summer with a bunch of people from our Church/School, including our new Pastor!  So it was a big day for the whole group!  I decided to bring the kids down to cheer on Daddy!  We went down by mile 15 and got there in plenty of time to see the elite runners go by and the wheelchair racers.  But look at our view!

We decided we would try to see Daddy a few times, so we walked a little ways to where we thought we would be able to cut across to another viewing spot easily.  Then we sat down and had some breakfast while waiting for Daddy to come.

There he is!!!  Looking awesome at mile 15!!!

The kids were so excited to see him that we quickly gathered our things and began our hike to our next viewing point.

Unfortunately, what looked like a short walk on the map was actually much longer than expected and although I tried to get the kids to turn back, knowing we would not make it in time to see Daddy again, they wanted to keep going.  We finally made it and just missed Daddy going by :(  So, we hopped into a cab to get back to our car.  The kids were enthralled with the cab ride had a TV in the car! 

When we got back to the car, we drove around to Mile 22 (which took forever due to traffic and road closures) and when we got there we drove around for about 20 minutes without finding a single place to park!  So finally we gave up and headed home.  We attempted to see him 3 times, but only saw him once.  But the kids were real troopers and wanted to keep trying until the very end - I was very proud of them!  We got the text that Daddy finished as we drove home and then eagerly awaited his homecoming! 

We put all our signs outside and were outside when he pulled up to congratulate him and tell him how much we love him!  Awesome job Paul!!! 
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