Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kick off to summer!

Let's jump back to the beginning of summer...the last day of school signified the first day of summer! Abbey had a birthday party to go to that evening, so I took the other 3 kids to an outdoor festival that the village was having to celebrate the beginning of summer.  They enjoyed balloon animals and fun crafts.  It was a beautiful day and we had a nice time!

The very next day, after Abbey's last spring soccer game, we loaded the car and drove down to TN to visit Madgie and Patch in their new lake house!  Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny and Brendan were already there having fun, so we couldn't wait to join them.  Ben and Uncle Chris worked on a 3D Eiffel Tower Puzzle.
And we went to their little beach almost every day because the kids love playing there so much.  Ben and Patch had a great game of football going on the sand.
While the girls and Brendan played in the water.

Ben wanted us to bury him in the sand - check out his six pack!
And when Matthew woke up from his nap, Paul drove him over to meet us so he could have some fun in the sun too.

Aunt Ginny, Brendan and Uncle Chris enjoying the boat ride in the back.
My 3 crazies at the front of the boat.
This looks like one happy semi-retired guy right here!
I would say they are enjoying their new house on the lake!
The other exciting part of the visit was that Madgie and Patch have two jet skis that came with their house.  Looks like we are ready to take them out for a spin!
Patch enjoying a row boat.
Ben helping him out.
Juliette swimming off the dock.
Patch teaching Ben how to correctly row the boat.  Or they are just relaxing.  I can't tell!
Abbey enjoying the water too
Now her turn in the row boat!
And of course since #1 and #2 have had their turn, it is time for #3 to try it out too!
There was also a lot of fishing.  Ben loves to fish and this is a great place to do it because you can usually catch something, even if it is something small.

And Matthew found his happy the pantry where he could reach all kinds of food!
Abbey enjoyed reading to Brendan.
And coloring together.
It was good cousin time.

Brendan giving kisses!
Matthew with his Aunt Godmother Ginny.
They look ready to try out the jet skis!
Daddy takes out Ben and Juliette.
Abbey did not want to try the jet ski this time around.  She preferred the boat, so Patch was nice enough to take her out on the boat whenever anyone was on the jet ski.
More fishing.
Abbey liked being on the jet ski, as long as it was docked and raised and she could just pretend to be riding it.

Ben caught a big one!
Juliette LOVED the jet ski.  She loved going fast on it and she loved that she wasn't afraid of it, but that her older sister was.
Matthew looking quite nautical.
But not so happy.
Better though when Daddy is holding him.

We got to see Mama Kay and Papa while we were there too!
And big news...Ben got up on water skis for the first time!  Thanks for the help Papa!

Madgie and Patch's new house is awesome!  The trail down to the dock is pretty steep though, so they have a nice little golf cart to make it easier to go up and down.  The kids love riding it!

Matthew enjoying the boat trip.
He loved the beach, especially if he could join in the football game with the big boys!  

Although Ben likes playing ball with Matthew, he also wanted to be able to really throw it for a while too, so Abbey helped take Matthew down to the water for a bit.  What a good big sister.
He tried the floatie for a bit.
And he really liked playing with the pail and shovel too.
Abbey loves being in the water the most.
Matthew showing Madgie what goes in the pail.
Ben taking a break to relax in the water.
Matthew is ready to go on the boat.

Uncle Chris and Aunt Ginny enjoying the jet ski.

Uncle Chris giving rides to the kids too.
Not too fast there Uncle Chris!
Madgie tries out the row boat!
Thanks for the rides Uncle Chris!

He took Madgie out for a ride too!

And even I went out on it!!  Not too fast!!!  
Juliette enjoyed fishing too and look, she caught something!
Brendan taking a closer look at the fish....want a kiss?
Matthew trying out a floatie, but he didn't like it too much.  He preferred to just walk in the water.  The problem was you had to be right next to him because he had no fear and would just keep walking out!  Plus, sometimes walking in the water is hard and he would fall over under water, so you had to be watching so you could pull him out!  He didn't seem to mind it though.  We would pull him up and he would just keep walking again!  
So Abbey set to work trying to make a small pool in the sand that he could play in safely, which was very sweet.

He also enjoyed throwing the ball over this ledge into the water.  
All the kids worked on Matthew's pool!
Matthew walking in the water.
Juliette did something new - she tried out a float going behind the boat by herself!  She was NOT a fan of doing this though.

Abbey helping Matthew.
And then before we knew it, the week ended and it was time to load up in the car and drive home.

It was a really fun week and a great way to kick off summer.  The new house is awesome Madgie and Patch - thanks for letting us come down and enjoy it!  We love you!