Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thank You

I will post lots of pictures once I get about 4o hours of sleep, but thank you thank you everyone who came and made Ben's Baptism such a wonderful event.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Laptop

The functionality might not be as great as his one for work, but it doesn't ever crash!

Grandpa learned alot about animal noises. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Greats!

Also coming into town for his Baptism where Ben's Maternal Great-Grandparents.

After I brought them back from the airport, Ben decided to continue his nap for another half hour. So the excitement built. Then when he woke up, he really wanted to eat straightaway. No time for Grandparents, no matter how great.

Finally Great-Nana got to hold him.

Then Great-Patch got a turn.

Lastly Great-Grandma got him when he was just about tuckered out.

Chien was craving a little attention at this point. Poor Dog!

I was wondering about what the world was like when the greats were my age. Could they have even begun to imagine jetting up from Florida in the morning, calling me on my cell phone to pick them up, and then having their pictures published on the internet in the afternoon? What really makes me stop and think is what the world will be like when I go to meet my Great-Grandchild. All I know is that I better be able to be teleported, because I have always hated to fly.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Which Baby is Ben?

In response to howls of protest from the KatrinaRun side of the family, I have been forced into providing additional baby pictures for comparisons sake. One of the following is Mom, one is Granddad, and one is Ben. Can you guess which is which?




Answers in the comment. Posted by Picasa

Time Spent With Madgie

Madgie (Ben's Maternal Grandmother) is in town to help us prepare for his Baptism this coming Sunday. She got some good Ben time....

Helping give him a Bath-

Monkeying around after the bath

And going to sleep.

I think Ben feels very close to Madge. Or at least she feels very close to him! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Restful Night (Redux)

This morning, Chien began barking and woke up us and Ben. I was pretty upset, until I looked at the clock and realized it was 5:30 and Ben had been asleep since 8:30 the night before....that's right....Ben slept through the night again! This is the second time it has happened (it also happened on Sunday night), He has begun cluster feeding at night (last night he ate at 4:30, 6:30 and 8:00), which I guess is him storing up food for the long night ahead! If he starts doing this every night, it is perfect timing as I go back to work next week. We'll keep you posted (ha ha - get it?).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Todaywas the first time Ben spent anytime at daycare by himself. KatrinaRun dropped him off on her way to a meeting at work to prepare for her going back. As I was worried about I got a tear filled call from her on her drive over.

We worry that we are making the right decision, but I have seen lots of kids (including Isaac) flourish at daycare.

I tried to comfort her as well as I could, but its not going to get any easier for her, or for me.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Restful Night

Last night Ben was very cranky and hungry - he ate at 5:30, 7:00, and than again at 9:00. But I guess he must have been storing up because then he slept from 9 until 5:30. That's right - he slept through the night!! We have been coming close to this for a few weeks now, but I wasn't considering sleeping until 4am sleeping through the night. But 5:30...that is perfect for getting up for work! I guess he was exhausted from watching Daddy and Aunt Theresa work so hard in the garden yesterday. Thanks again Aunt Theresa for your help!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Camera Recommendation

The SD400 has the amazing ability to take pictures two years into the future....

Just Kidding :) That actually our good friend Isaac helping to push Ben down the street.

One other note you can now access the Baby Benjamin Blog directly at Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Its Official

The US Government has recognized Ben!! Yeah! Now we can start saving for college..... Posted by Picasa

Fussy Ben

I figured out why Ben has been grouchy recently.

Dad cried too when he heard the news...:(

Rough Night at the house

Ben did not want to sleep last night. We both eventually fell asleep while I was trying to comfort him. Mommy snapped this quick picture before he woke up again. On nights like last night, I like to view cute videos like this one and its all worth it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Booty Shot

I thought you guys might need a cute little booty shot to get you ready to make it though Katrina run's inagural ingarual.....initial post.

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Ben's 2 month appointment

Today was Ben's 2 month appointment (even though he is over 9 weeks now). He weighed in at 11 lbs. 3 oz. and was 22 1/8 inches long. He gained 2 pounds since last month - good boy Ben! The doctor was impressed with his skills (he talked to the doctor and followed us with his eyes around the room) and said Ben was a pretty laid back baby. Ben did not seem to mind getting his temperature taken rectally, but did scream when the doctor looked into his ears....strange. Anyway, he got 3 shots while he was there, but it wasn't as bad as we were expecting. He screamed when they were given, but then was pretty calm after that. I guess that Tylenol they gave him before it helped.

We then went to the Moto day care to have our intake meeting, which pretty much consisted of us sitting in the infant room and meeting the teachers, who were all very nice. His primary teacher is Ms. Flor and his secondary teacher is Noreen. Noreen held Ben, but the little guy was fast asleep and not interested in waking up. There is another Benjamin at the center, so from now on he is called Benjamin S. They already had a crib with his name on it, his own shelf set up, and his name up on the wall with the other babies. They seem excited for him to join them. I felt comfortable with the place and people, but I really don't want to leave him to go back to work!! But I could write a million words on that and Paul has already commented that this blog is too long. I am wordy I guess! This is also the first time I have posted on the site, so I guess I got a little overexcited! Anyway, Ben is doing great! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006


Sorry a little inside joke..... ;)


I turned off the requirement that you be logged in to leave comments. Thanks momidomi for pointing out the hoops you had to go through to leave a comment. Hopefully the spam won't get too bad, if it does I might try turning on the word verification.

Easter 2006

Sorry for the long post, but we had a great day.

Here is a shot of Mom and Ben getting ready for Church.

Ben slept the entire time......Here he is asleep while everyone is leaving.

Here he is asleep while we took his picture with the altar flowers. I tried to tell him that in a few years it won't be considered a good thing to sleep through church.

He woke up enough to participate in the first ever Easter Baby Roll with cousin Caroline at the Acuff house.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tax Time

While Dad finished up the taxes Ben provided Legal and Financial advice from the office chair.

"See Dad I can only be claimed as an exemption NEXT year...."

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Friday, April 14, 2006

New High Chair

As you can see someone really likes his new high chair. It's Ben approved. He still got a couple of months until he actually gets to eat in it though.

Then its off to bed in the PablitoRun household after all that excitement.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Does he look like me?

Everyone keeps saying he doesn't look at all like me, I say there is some resemeblence to me at a week. Check out the size of that diaper by the way. I think absorption technology has come a long way since then.

Bath Time and Nap Time

Here is a picture of someone just after getting his bath. Unfortunately picasa (great tool) does not have buttons for give dad a haircut, a shave, and help him lose some weight. It did wonders for my complexion though.

And the lion shall lie down with the lamb.....

Oh yeah the phone I worked on Jan-Feb was just announced by Moto...

This is my third phone I have worked on that has launched in the 9 months I have been at Motorola. It's always exciting, even though this one is just some add ons to the V3C.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two Random Pictures

This is Ben in his first big boy outfit that we put him in to go over to T's.

These are his slippers that he wears when he goes to bed. I like to think of them as Cubbie Bear slippers. (3-1 and 2 straight over the hated Cards!) Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 07, 2006

Overnight in the crib.

Last night Ben spent his first night in his own room in his crib. It went great for him, but it was hard on Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Just thought I would share the good news that Ben got a spot at the Motorola Bright Horizons Daycare center. We are thrilled because it is a gorgeous facility with very highly qualified individuals.

We originally signed up for the waitlist in August, and they told us it would be over 18 months! We were very fortuante that for some reason the waitlist evaporated and we got in in just 9 months. This is very good because we were becoming nervous about our backup daycare facility.

Mom is "worried" that Ben will become a "nerd" if he hangs out with Motorolans all day. I told her he was born to be a nerd because he is my son!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Day at Theresa's

Brought some "Antique" furniture over to Theresa new place that we are no longer using. It seemed to work well in her office and guest room. I hope she gets some use out of it.

Ben got to hang out with Cousin Caroline some more

They both seemed to be aware of each other and enjoyed it.

Check out this cool video of Libby the wonder dog!