Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Abbey's First Communion

Back to May, Abbey made her First Communion. She was nervous, but excited. We practiced at home. We went shopping for the dress (which she did not enjoy). We planned the party. Then the weekend arrived! Madgie and Patch came in early on Friday morning, so I picked them up from the airport and we went to the Children's Museum with Matthew.  Matthew loves the car section - it is difficult to get him to leave this area to explore the rest of the museum!

 Playing on instruments.
Then it was time to pick the kids up from school and really get ready for the weekend.  We set up for the party first (the kids love setting up for parties). Here is her Baptismal Candle on display - we lit it for the party.
Her cake - exactly how she wanted it decorated.
We got up early to curl her hair and get ready.  She really looked beautiful!  We had gone shopping for the dress and she was not interested in trying on dresses.  This was the third one she tried on and she said she liked it and was done!  She did not want a veil (neither did I at her age) and instead she wanted to wear the headband that I had worn to my First Communion (thank you Madgie for saving it!).  She wanted sparkly shoes to complete the look.  It was perfect for her!

Processing into the Church.

Abbey receiving the wine.
Singing "The Butterfly" song after Mass  

Her friend Emily had the same dress!
In true Abbey style, she loved the attention, but was also embarrassed by it.  She did not want to take pictures.  We had to snap a few of her though.  She did agree to do some, as long as she could hold Matthew in the pictures.
Abbey and her Godparents, Aunt Domi and Uncle Brandon!
Our family - she would only be in the picture because Paul picked her up!
The girls in front of Church.
Here I am trying to talk Abbey into just a few more pictures.
We had to do one picture with all the grandparents (and Matthew) because our picture taking was limited with Abbey!
And she's done - walking away ready to go home and eat!
Back at the house, Mama Kay read to Matthew while Abbey changed clothes, which she did immediately.
She was more comfortable in this dress for the party, but once the official festivities ended, she changed yet again into some shorts!
Juliette is checking out the feast that Abbey planned.
Abbey wanted sandwiches from Jimmy John's, fruit, chips, Doritos, and Macaroni and Cheese.  I added some dips and veggie tray as well.  
Abbey is ready for cake with her Fairy Godmother.
Another picture with her Godparents.
And her grandparents!
Then after all of the official festivities ended, she was able to relax and play basketball in the backyard with her cousins and siblings!
Matthew scored!
She also got some amazing gifts - THANK YOU!

It was a truly wonderful day for Abbey and I think she loved it.  Thank you all for coming.  The next day was Mother's Day.  We had a nice brunch at our house after Mass and then since it was a beautiful day, we decided to walk over to the Arlington Race Track.  Mama Kay stayed at the house while Matthew napped (thank you!!), so Papa, Madgie, Patch, Aunt Domi, Caroline and our crew went and had a fun time.
 My girl of the weekend and I.
 Hard to see in this picture, but they had funny animal races as well - here are the ostrich races, which were absolutely hilarious!
 My crew that made me a Mother (minus Matthew).

 My amazing mom and I.
Madgie and Patch. 
 And later I got some cuddles with my baby - a perfect Mother's Day!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who came up to spend the weekend with us and celebrate Abbey's First Communion.  It meant so much to her (and us) to have you there.  Love you all!