Saturday, April 02, 2016

Now that Matthew is 2, he has some serious work that he does...we like to start them young!
And as if a switch went off the moment he turned 2, he had his first little tantrum that very day after his birthday.  He fell on the floor and cried about wanting something from the fridge.  
Since this is child #4, I found the tantrum amusing and had to take a picture.  It was cute.  Luckily, we haven't really had one since then.  He must have been very tired from all of the birthday festivities.  He's such a good baby.
I was able to squeeze out some one on one time with Abbey.  What did she want to do?  Go to the mall - she's going to be trouble as she gets older!!  We had a really good time though - a much needed re-connection for us.   
We went to Build A Bear where she spent her Christmas money on a Chewbacca doll, that she really likes cuddling with because he's super soft!

After we came home, Juliette was jealous so I took her the next day and she spent some of her Christmas money on this adorable bear.
January in Chicago usually means making fun inside.  Look at what this silly baby found and thought was fun!
Matthew likes to color at the table while the kids are doing their homework.  He has his work to do too!

He has a lot of great examples of true readers in this house and he has taken note.  He absolutely loves books.  He will "read" one to you if you ask him!  Here are the boys spending some down time reading.
And we had a short visit from Mama Kay and Papa too, where Matthew was sure to get some reading time in with Papa!
Just a cute shot of my boys with me!