Monday, July 14, 2014

End of School

Well, once again, I am very very behind in blogging! Lots has been going on and I have been trying to put off updating the blog until I could get the videos of the girls' dance recitals on here (so I wouldn't otherwise forget), but I don't think I can put it off much longer or I will never catch up. I will keep trying to get the videos on here for your viewing pleasure though!

May was a very busy month. It was so long ago that I have to look back through our pictures to see what we did. I end up using my phone a lot to take pictures of spontaneous things happening when my camera isn't readily available, so when I go back to see what we have done, I have to check both my phone and our camera. Looking through my pictures on my phone, I came across this one. Silly girls doing a selfie!
May was the month of Mother's Day and although I have already blogged about our wonderful Mother's Day (day after First Communion), I failed to mention some of the other celebrations I had with my kids throughout the month leading up to the big day.  There was a girl scout brunch that I attended with Abbey.  She made me a "MOM" key chain that I proudly use.  Here she is with a bunch of her Daisy friends.
There was also a preschool Mother's Day Tea that I attended with Juliette.  They sang really cute Mother's Day songs and we had a fun time together.
Also happening in May...Matthew got to try rice cereal for the first time!  We suited him up in his best bib ("Aunt Domi Loves Me" - thank you Aunt Domi) and he was ready to go!
He took to it pretty well, but pushed a lot out with his tongue.  It is hard for babies to learn how to eat!
Around this time Matthew started sucking his thumb and eating time was no reason to stop doing that.  He sucks his thumb in between each bite, so he makes quite a mess!
We were so happy that our family from Louisville came to visit us over Memorial Day weekend!  We went down to Aunt Domi's house to spend the day with them.  Here are all the cousins!
Really cute picture, although Matthew isn't holding his head up as well as the others!
Matthew and Godfather Cousin Andrew.
All the cousins, plus half of the dog cousins.
On Memorial Day we went to watch the parade!  A big thank you to Aunt Carolyn for staying back at the house so Matthew could nap.  And also, a big thank you to Cousin Madelyn and Cousin Virginia for babysitting the night before so we could go have dinner with Uncle David and Aunt Carolyn and catch up a bit! 
Our school was marching in the parade, along with the cub scouts.  The girls didn't want to march this year (they wanted to catch candy instead) but Ben and Paul marched.  So we watched the parade with cousins Madelyn and Virginia.
Go St. James!!  You can see our Pastor, Fr. Matt, on the float wearing his army dress attire.
I somehow missed seeing Ben, but caught this goof :)
Girls watching the parade.
My awesome boys!
After the parade, they had to head out and get back to Louisville.  Thank you for a wonderful visit!  That evening, we went over to some friends' house for a spontaneous backyard bbq.  These kids are such good friends!

The girls decided to get a bit muddy.

We have also been enjoying our new backyard play set.  We set up the hose on the slide for some water fun!

Even Belle got in on the action!
May also signified the end of the school year.  Since both girls have summer birthdays, we got to celebrate in school before it ended, which was very nice.  I have a summer birthday and it always made me sad that we never got to celebrate in school.  But now they do celebrate summer birthdays so the kids don't feel left out.  For Juliette, we brought in ice cream sandwiches. 
We brought in popsicles for Abbey and she got to wear a birthday crown!
The kids also had their patriotic concert, which is always fun.  Abbey got to participate this year and Ben got to be on stage twice - once for his class and once for the school choir.  I didn't get good pictures because I was handling Matthew at the time, but you can see Ben in this picture sitting down on the far right.  And this was a thank you song they sang and then had some AH police men (who are parents at the school) and Fr. Matt come out in their uniforms at the end.  It was very touching!

And then before we knew it, it was the last day of school!  Here is Juliette on her last day (which was a day before Ben and Abbey's last day). 
Look how much she has grown since her first day of school!
And this is her end of year preschool sing along concert.  She did awesome!  I can't believe this girl is headed to kindergarten!!
It was supposed to be an outdoor popsicle picnic, but it rained so we had it in the basement of the Church instead. 
And this is her all time favorite teacher.  She absolutely loved Mrs. Dillon (and told her and me that all the time too).  She was an excellent teacher for Juliette!
Then it was Ben and Abbey's last day!  They got to wear spirit wear on the last day.  Their last day consists of dropping them off like regular, they go to the last all school mass of the year, and then we pick them up at 10:30!
Just a good shot of Juliette while we waited for Abbey to come out!
There she is - big girl going to First Grade!!
Abbey's teacher that she liked a lot.  She was sad and shy on the last day so this was my best picture - ha!
Ben was very excited when school let out!
Ben and his awesome teacher!  She is moving to WI next year and we will miss her at St. James!
Then it was on to after school parties to celebrate! Ben went with friends to a park and I took the girls to one of Abbey's friend's house for a fun party that included her whole class!  It was a great way to end the year.  HELLO SUMMER!!!


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