Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cookies with Santa

After Thanksgiving we had the Cookies with Santa event at our Parish that I organized. It was a very successful event again this year and I was so pleased with the way everything went. Our decor took a step up this year and the crafts all got good reviews. I was very thankful to have such creative people helping me! We waited in line to see Santa, but unfortunately when we got up there, Juliette had run off with her friends.  So, here are 3 of them with Santa.  I, of course, had Matthew dressed very cute and wanted him to sit on Santa's lap, but it didn't go according to plan.  He wasn't feeling well and threw up all over his outfit.  Then he threw up right before this picture.  I couldn't very well put him on Santa's lap after that, so Ben had to hold him.  He looks happy though! 

We finally caught Juliette and had her stand in there too.  Everyone looks happy - and look how close Abbey is standing to Santa!  And notice, I did not have to be in this picture!  Wow - what a difference a year makes!! 
Happy Baby!
Just a cute pre-Christmas picture!
And time is flying by and all of a sudden Matthew turned 11 months! 
He is a busy  guy and did not want to sit still for a picture.  Of course the picture I get of him smiling is when he is blocking the 11 months on his tie!
In his 11th month, Matthew said his first words, "All Done!" when he finishes his bottle.  He holds the bottle up and says, "All Done!" and it's so cute.  He started doing "So Big!" and waving his hand.  He is really enjoying showing people his new tricks!  Still a super happy and easy baby!

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