Friday, September 11, 2015

End of School

Before we knew it, the end of the school year was upon us! In the spring I had signed the girls up for a theater production that was performing The Aristocats. I had initially signed up just Abbey because I thought she would want her own thing and she seemed so excited about it. The first day we went and she immediately noticed that she knew a lot of girls there from school, but they were all older than her and she was immediately intimidated. So in typical Abbey style, she refused to participate. The ladies were so nice in trying to get her to come join the group but she would not be deterred because she had already decided she wasn't going to do it. One lady asked if it would help Abbey to have her sister go up on stage and do it with her. So they asked Juliette if she wanted to go up and first she said no, but then she quickly changed her mind and went up on stage. Although that interested Abbey, she still didn't participate. By the end of the rehearsal, Juliette was begging to be signed up and Abbey was feeling more comfortable. The ladies were so nice and said they would make a part for Juliette so she could join in and after we left Abbey decided that it looked like fun and she promised she would participate next time. As usual, things need to be on Abbey's terms and once she decided she would do it, she did. The next time we went in, she went with Juliette up on stage and I was able to leave. They both totally loved it and had so much fun. They did not have speaking parts this time because they were new (and didn't have a great start), but they loved being part of the ensemble and signing the parts. It was such a cute performance and the girls can't wait to do more of these productions in the future!  Abbey is in the middle...

Juliette is second from the left.

The whole cast.
After the show the girls were happy and proud of themselves, but they were still a little nervous I think because they wouldn't pose for any pictures!

With the end of school quickly approaching, we went to lots of end of year class picnics, which Matthew enjoyed!

Here is Juliette's class at the park.
Then they decided to take a picture of the kids with their little siblings.  It cracked me up to watch Juliette hold Matthew up!

Juliette really loved her teacher.  Towards the end of the year I started to get sad thinking about her going to school all day next year and missing my afternoons with her.  I started telling her how much I was going to miss her in the afternoons next year.  Suddenly, she looked really sad and started to cry.  I was touched....until she looked up and told me how much she was going to miss her teacher next year!!!  Thanks Juj ;)

The end of the school year also means the patriotic concert, which is always a great concert.  Juliette looked so cute in her outfit!

Then it was the last day of school and the kids were so excited!!
Juliette was sad to say goodbye to her teacher, but she promised to visit her next year!
Good friends!

What a great year!  Can't wait for summer fun!!

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