Friday, August 25, 2006


Well at work our current arch-nemisis phone is the "Chocholate" from LG. So it was a real joy to read some highlights from a NY Times review that was sent to me.

The three people who tried my review unit had amazingly similar said he felt like throwing the phone "through the window," another "into the trash," and another "across the room."

It's stunning that nobody in a position of power at LG or Verizon actually tried this thing, tried pressing those infernal passive-aggressive buttons, and realized that the Chocolate is a usability disaster.

Whenever I review a product this badly designed, I just stare at the ceiling and try to imagine how it could possibly have gotten out the door.

I have to say that this agrees completley with my reaction to it when I played with it the VZW store. They do have a really cool comercial though!

Hopefully once we start shipping the KRZR you won't see any of these commercials any more.

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