Sunday, August 27, 2006

Memphis Day One

The family flew into Memphis on Saturday to go to Cousin Sunshine's wedding. We had some time before we were to meet up with everyone so we went to the American Civil Rights museum in what was formerly the Loraine Hotel. Where the wreath is in this shot is where Martin Luther King Jr. was standing when he was assisinated. The museum was very good and I recommened it to anyone who is going to be in Memphis.

In the evening we went to the wedding in a beautiful old church. It either didn't have A/C or it wasn't very effective. The bride and groom thoughtfully handed out fans. Ben did not have much luck with his.

He mostly slept through the reception. That's Cousin Claire getting a little quality Ben time.

But he missed something spectaculor. Elvis made an appearance at the reception! He tried to teach us the hand gesture, bit I think only KatrinaRun got it.

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