Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tooth Alert!

So we think Ben is getting his first tooth finally. I felt the bump last night and if you can get his tongue out of the way for 2 seconds (which is not an easy task), you can see the start of something white popping through! He hasn't been cranky yet though, so hopefully that won't happen.

In other related Ben news, he sat for about 15 minutes last night without falling over. He sits fine, except when I sit behind him and he turns around to look at me - that gets him every time. He also sits up in his stroller now and in his high chair. In fact, feeding him has become quite a chore because he sits up in his chair and wants to look on the floor, which makes getting food into his mouth an obstacle.

Last thing, he may be in the beginning stages of separation anxiety, but we aren't sure yet. Over the past few days, he seems to get upset when we leave the room. Maybe it is just because he is tired since it has happened mostly at night after a long day at school. But this morning, he wouldn't let me get ready for work because every time I left his room to get ready, he would get upset! This is going to seriously delay our morning routine and may cause me to get up earlier, which I hate doing! We'll keep you posted, but I am hoping he has just had a few weird days....

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