Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family News

Well we have some big news in our house...our little baby Juju is becoming a big girl and is now officially potty trained! After training Ben and Abbey in less than 3 days each, I figured I had this down, but Juliette offered me a lesson in humility by showing me that she is very different than her brother and sister and I, in fact, do not know as much as I think I do! Although the 3 day method actually took about 7 days with Juliette, she now fully has it (both during the day and at night and out in public restrooms). What a big girl! Although it does make me slightly sad that our baby is growing up and we no longer have any babies in the house, we are looking forward to the extra money we will have from not buying diapers (considering we have had at least one child in diapers (sometimes two at the same time) for the past 6 consecutive years!).

And in other news, I have returned to work part time for my old company as a "seasonal senior manager". I will work 10-15 hours a week primarily from home and primarily on my old client. It will go through their busy season, so through the end of March. I went to training last week and will start getting work next week. So things are going to be busy, but I felt it was a rare opportunity that I could fit into my current lifestyle without too much trouble and I could not pass it up. So we will see how it goes!
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Keegan Brian Glynn said...

Awesome potty training news. Might have to have you send me the three day method, or can I google it? Good luck with the job. Heather.