Monday, October 23, 2006

Chicago Marathon

Sunday was the big day! I had trained and practiced for so long!

I was finally ready!!! steal a baby.

Well, actually to run a marathon. It was going to be too cold for Ben to watch the race so Mama Kay was going to stay with him. However, he decide to go ahead and get up at 5 so he could wish me good luck.

And here is me halfway through the race. That is not a smile, it's a grimace. I went out waaaaay to fast. I set a personal best for the half marathon for the first half of the race. Yikes!

Here is Andrewsky rocking the thunder sticks on the course.

One mile to go!!!! I ended up finishing in 3 hourse 20 minutes. A personal best!!! Yay. It was pretty painful though.

In response to a previous PablitoRun post my sisters made me a beef jerky congraluatory card. Now chien is jealous.

Later that day Ben engaged in his own marathon. 26.2 seconds of sitting!!!!

Actually he sits on his own pretty much at will now.

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