Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Festival?

We are finally having some warm weather up here after a very cool summer. So in order to get out and enjoy the summer weather, we went to a fall festival a few miles from our house. They had lots of activities for the kids, including several of those inflatable jumping places with slides and balls (not sure of their official name) that both Ben and Abbey really enjoyed. They had good food and activities too, but the kids were a little young to partake in those (water balloon toss for example). It was a great way to spend the day. Even with all the activities though, Abbey mostly just enjoyed walking around and looking at everything...

Ben's favorite part was riding the horse, which he spotted the moment we got there. We thought he was crazy when he asked to ride a horse (we hadn't seen it yet) - he had to walk over and show us that there were actually horses there to ride!

And of course there was a train to ride on too, which was a big hit with the kids.

Mommy and Juliette spent most of the time in the shade watching the others, but it was just nice to be outside in the gorgeous weather and doing something different!


Cason said...

Isn't your child too young to be taken out of the house?

Just kidding, but I liked the little train, reminds me of the train that goes around City Park in New Orleans.

PablitoRun said...

Haha - yes Cason, I did get some looks that meant that very comment! At least they kept it to themselves though if they were thinking that!