Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well we had quite a celebration at our house! We went out to breakfast and opened all the wonderful cards we received in the mail. Thank you to Madgie and Patch, Mama Kay and Papa, Mimi, and Nana and Great-Patch for sending the kids such great cards - they got a real kick out of opening them all! There were a few surprise treats as well once we got home from breakfast. Ben got some lollipops and was happy to share them with his sister, who loves "pops"!

Abbey got a beautiful rose and teddy bear...

Juliette did too, and thankfully Ben was willing to help her pose with her treat.

Happy Valentine's Day from the kids!

Juliette really enjoyed her first Valentine's Day!

And Daddy really enjoyed adding another to his list of special Valentine's!

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