Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Juliette's Party!

Thank you for letting me know that the pictures were not working on the Juliette turns 3 post...I have fixed the problem now so hopefully you can now see the pictures that went along with the amazing writing ;)

Now, back to about a month ago...we had a small party for Juliette in our backyard with just family and some close friends. The morning of the party though, Ben had his first flag football game.  He is pretty much on the line usually, but he does a great job at it.  I will blog more about football later, but here are a few shots from his first game.


He was very excited that Uncle Brandon, Aunt Domi, Caroline and Hunter came up to watch him.  The girls were excited about this too...

Then it was back to the house to get ready for the party.  It was a hot and beautiful day, which was perfect for the backyard water activities we had planned.  Who doesn't enjoy sliding into a blow up pool?

Juju was thrilled that Cousin Andrew showed up after work and played with her!

After we ate some delicious burgers, hot dogs, and homemade Mac N Cheese (thanks Chef Paul), it was time for the Dora cake!  It probably wasn't one of my most beautiful cakes, but considering I drew Dora free hand based on a Dora book we have and mixed all the colors myself without any sort of instructions, I think it turned out pretty well.  She seemed to like it, although she did continue to ask why Boots was not also on the cake...these kids have some pretty high expectations of my cake decorating abilities!

She just looks so big with all the big kids around her!

Cute one of the sisters...I think Ben was still playing in the pool at this point, go figure!

Time to open presents!

Showing Cousin Caroline and her friend Dirdre.

It was a great party - Juliette had a ton of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Thanks to everyone that came and made it special for Juliette!

Also, I took Juliette recently for her 3 year check up and she is doing great!  She was 36 inches tall and 30 pounds, which means she jumped up to the 40th percentile!  She was very calm and easy going for the doctor.  Abbey, on the other hand, almost started crying as soon as I said we were taking Juliette to the doctor.  She wanted to know if Juliette was going to get shots.  I tried to not make it a big deal (Juliette wasn't anxious about it so I didn't want Abbey to get her worked up),  but luckily there were no shots and she did just fine. 

Juliette is such a joy to our lives.  She is our baby.  She is shy and sweet, yet once she gets to know someone, she completely opens up and charms them.  Paul recently read that the word Juju actually means good vibes and I think that fits her perfectly...she gives good vibes to our family.  Happy birthday sweet girl - we love you!
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