Friday, December 03, 2010

Juliette's 15 months

Well, Juliette went in for her 15 month appointment this week and is doing very well. She weighed in at 20 lbs, 8 oz and was 30 inches long. She only gained 8 ounces since her 12 month appointment and her weight percentile dropped down to the 20th percent, but the doctor didn't seem concerned. It is probably due to her not walking yet back at her 12 month appointment and being all over the place now. Unfortunately, she acted the same way Abbey did at this age at the soon as I put her down on the table she started shaking and screaming. She cried the entire time she was getting measured and weighed and all during the doctor's exam. Then she had to have 2 shots - poor thing! (Abbey though has recently gotten better at the doctor, so maybe she is growing out of it).

As for development, Juliette is talking a ton now. Her newest phrase is "Hold me"...I wonder where she has heard that before...(for those of you who don't know, Abbey's favorite phrase is "Can you hold me?"). Also, her new favorite word is "Mine!", which is an important word when you have two older siblings constantly trying to steal your toys. Some of her recent new words include Chien, No No Chien, Juliette, and belly button. She can point out most of the items on a face and of course, her belly button. She knows most of the farm animal noises (her favorite to say is "baaa" for sheep). The biggest thing though is that she is starting to sing songs. You can tell when she is singing "Rock a bye baby" as she cradles her doll, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider and her ABC's (I have heard her get through the letter k so far, but Theresa said she heard her sing through p). She is talking so much every day and I love hearing the new words she says.

As for naps, she is down to one nap a day most days. About once or twice a week I will put her down for a morning nap, but the other days she is up and playful all morning. She is really interacting a lot with her siblings. She is walking everywhere and almost getting up to a run sometimes (probably when she is being chased by her siblings). She goes up and down stairs and just has fun picking up toys and walking around holding them. She is very into baby dolls too.

She is still very laid back and happy. Sometimes I stop and think about what a shock it was to find out I was pregnant with her so soon after Abbey was born, but I can't imagine our family being complete without her. She is such a joy and a blessing - thank you God for this amazing surprise!!

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