Monday, September 19, 2011

Paul's birthday!

Friday was Paul's birthday, so in keeping with what seems to be tradition in this family lately, we celebrated over several days! We went out to dinner on Thursday night at Benihana, which is a favorite place for his birthday...and he had a coupon! The kids loved it...well, they loved the show anyway (this is a place where they cook in front of you if you are not familiar with it). They actually really liked the soup the best, but ate most of it ok. Ben really loves california rolls, so we ordered some of those for him too.

The next day was his actual birthday and the kids and I made him his favorite type of cake...carrot cake! Ben was very proud because he peeled all the carrots himself! We made cream cheese icing (Paul's favorite part of a carrot cake) and then decorated it too. I outlined the carrot and Ben filled in with the flower decorating tips. I tried to help him, but he very firmly told me that he knew how to do it by himself because he helped Aunt Theresa make Abbey's Elmo cake!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

He needed some help blowing out the candles :)

Then it was time for presents. The kids have this new thing where they really want to give presents too. They run around the house and find things, package them up in a bag, and then present the gift! So the kids' gift was some Halloween decorations they found!

They also each made their own card for him though. Abbey's and Juliette's card was pretty much some coloring, some cutting and some gluing combinations. Ben drew pictures of him and Paul playing soccer and scoring goals - it was cute and obviously meant a lot to him.

Abbey giving her card (pink of course)...

Then it was time for a giant group hug as a final Happy Birthday!!

Love you honey - thanks for another wonderful year!
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kapeck said...

Happy Birthday Paul...funny, Andrew's favorite cake is carrot cake, too!