Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well there are two things I forgot to discuss in my last post...1) Part of our exciting trip to go get the puppy was that we got to add Michigan to Abbey's and Juliette's map! And 2) We named the puppy Belle! We wanted to keep with our french naming system and thought Belle was cute. It has all kinds of fun nicknames (Bella Babe, Tinkerbell, Belle Belle, Dinner Bell). Anyway, as soon as we got her, Paul went out of town for work for the whole week, so things got pretty hectic (hence, no blog posts). But he is back now and we are getting into a routine with Belle. She is a very good puppy so far. We are still working on house breaking her. She knows when she is outside that she is supposed to go potty, but she doesn't necessarily stop herself (or let us know) when she has to go if she happens to be inside when that hits her. So we are getting there. Two things she already pretty consistently knows are "sit" and "kennel up", which is consistently met with a treat so she usually pretty willingly will go into her crate expecting that. The other command she is slowing learning is "off" because she hears it about 10,000 times a day! Ben is still having a blast with her though!

Just some cute pictures of Belle...

Love this one...

Such a sweet face...

And she is getting into everything! You have to watch her ALL the time...

Abbey is warming up to her. She asked to hold her with Paul, and now will go up behind Belle and scoop her up to hold her in her arms. Belle loves trying to go upstairs, but she slips on the hard wood and it really concerns Abbey. She starts to cry every time Belle tries to go upstairs! It's very sweet.

Happy girl with her pup!

Cuddle pup!

Here is Abbey holding her!

And picking her up!

So she is doing pretty well and we are all adjusting to having a puppy!
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