Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ben's Birthday Party

On Sunday after Ben's birthday we had his birthday party. I may not have had much creativity for the cake I made for his actual birthday, but I had big plans for his cake for his party. He wanted spider man, so this is what we came up with!

Then we made these cupcakes as well.

I think they turned out pretty cute and they were pretty easy to do too. A big thank you to Paul who cut out all the eyes from the sugar edible paper while I was doing all the webbing.

Then it was time for the party! Ben really wanted a gymnastics party this year, so we went to the American Academy of Gymnastics and had a blast. Here are the kids warming up.

It's important to stretch before getting started...

Look at how great Juju is at stretching (she is in the pink polka dot skirt) - she knows all about this from her gymnastics class.

Most of the party. They took the picture at the very beginning and some kids weren't quite there yet, but this is most of the kids.

Juliette loved the gymnastics party!

Ben had a lot of fun on the running trampolines.

Abbey did too...

Juju quickly found Cousin Andrew to help her run around and play on the equipment.

They had a huge foam pit that the kids could jump into...it was a big hit!

Paul actually got into the foam pit to take some great action shots.

Caroline came prepared in her gymnastics wear and showed off her expert moves...

Besides Ben's whole class, we also had several family friends come to help us celebrate. Here is Kasey enjoying her snacks.

Then it was time for cake!

After a quick bite at Grande Jake's (our favorite local Mexican restaurant), it was home to open presents. I really wanted to open presents at the party, but time didn't allow for it unfortunately. But a big thank you to everyone for the amazing gifts - Ben is currently working on his thank-you notes so you should hopefully get them soon!

Belle was sad to miss the party, but she very much enjoyed getting into the presents...

Happy Birthday Ben! It was a wonderful week of celebrations! We love you so much buddy!

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