Sunday, December 09, 2012


I know that Thanksgiving was a while ago now, but it's never too late to update the blog...right? We were so happy to have Mama Kay and Papa come up to visit us for Thanksgiving this year.  They arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we went to Make A Messterpiece for the afternoon.  Mama Kay and Abbey playing with the pumpkin play dough...

Juliette liked that station a lot too.

Abbey was making some pumpkin pies! 

Meanwhile, Ben was working on his own messterpiece!

On Thanksgiving day the weather was beautiful!  So we rode bikes and went to the park for a while.  Abbey really enjoyed riding her bike as it has been a while since we have done that!

Ben was happy to show off his biking skills as well.

While we were outside playing, look what was inside cooking!!!

Our beautiful table!  Check out those napkin ring holders the kids made last year.  Mama Kay commented that she liked them and Abbey reminded her that she had seen them before!

Abbey is ready to eat!  Too bad she only ate a roll!

Ha, our failed attempt at a family picture by the feast!

While we were digesting the dinner (and making room for pie), Mama Kay taught the kids how to play marbles.

It was a great day!
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