Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Medieval Times

I mentioned in a previous post that we went to Jubilation and won some silent auction items. One of the items were tickets to Medieval Times. We drive by the castle about once a month on our way to here or there and the kids have been asking forever if we can go, so this worked out perfectly.  Here is tiny Abbey (look closely - she is the pink dot in the picture) next to the castle.  She was in awe of it, though slightly disappointed at the lack of princesses in the castle! 

We cheered on the red and yellow knight...here is Ben getting his crown.

Go Red and Yellow Knight!

We got there early and had some time to spare before being let in to our seats.  Juliette seemed to enjoy all the pre-show festivities.

But we had to make our own entertainment while waiting....

Then we finally got to our seats. 

We could have not bought Juliette a ticket, but she wouldn't have had a seat or a meal...turns out that would have been completely fine as she spent the entire time in my lap.  She also only ate part of a roll.  So yeah, I think we wasted money on her ticket!

Ben, however, couldn't get enough of the food (after finally getting over the fact that there were no utensils to use).

Juliette then fell asleep and missed the whole show.  Oh well, at least Ben and Abbey enjoyed it!  We will go again in a few years probably.
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