Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Break

After Matthew's Baptism was Spring Break! We had originally had visions of getting away to the Dells for a few days, but with Matthew's unpredictable sleeping we decided that was probably not the best idea. So we opted for one night at Key Lime Cove, which is smaller, closer and only one night away (although you can use the water park for the two full days surrounding the night). It is about 40 minutes away from our house, so we told the kids we had booked a hotel for the night so we could just have a small get away as a family. We packed their suits in case there was a pool....boy were they surprised when we showed up and found a huge indoor water park!  Here are the kids when we arrived saying, "Mom, no pictures, let's get our suits on please!"
Matthew enjoyed the water too!!
A nice thing about this place was it had a free arts and crafts area with a Disney movie always playing.  My kids love to color so it was a nice break from the water at times.  Check out these shades the kids made me!
His future's so bright...
Matthew enjoying his first experience in a pool....
He actually did seem to enjoy it.  The water was warm enough and seeing how much he loves his baths, this was not a surprise!

And we had a nice lady offer to take our picture.  Unfortunately, our focus wasn't working correctly and this is what we got.  It makes me so sad because it looks like we are all actually smiling too!  Oh well, enjoy the blurry picture!
Matthew needed a break (so did Mommy)!
Abbey needed a break sometimes too - it's tiring doing all the swimming and running around!
When not swimming or sleeping, we enjoyed lounging on the chairs and taking it all in...
Matthew actually did really well on this trip.  I don't think we could have gone for more than one night, but for the two days we were there, he was great! 
The rest of spring break we spent resting up from this adventure and playing with each other around the house. 

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