Thursday, June 19, 2014

4 Months!

When I last updated about Matthew for his 3 month check, he was in the 7th percentile. I knew my previous experience with all my kids was that they began to lose weight around this time and we usually have to switch to formula. Turns out Matthew was not different in this regard. Around 3.5 months I took him in for a weight check because I just knew he wasn't growing and sure enough, he had lost about 6 oz in two weeks. So, we started the transition to formula. It is always sad for me when breastfeeding ends, but it just doesn't seem to work for me after around 3-4 months. He went 16 weeks with all breast milk though, so that was pretty good. Once I start supplementing, it goes very quickly to being all formula. The good news is that when I took him in for his 4 month appointment two weeks later, he had gained 2 pounds! I think he was making up for lost time! So his stats were 13 pounds, 8 oz and 23 3/4 inches tall. He was still only in about the 10th percentile, but gaining weight again so we were happy with that! He continues to be a happy baby and his sleeping continues to improve, although still not quite consistent yet. He smiles a lot, loves it when we play with him, and loves grabbing into his toys that are hanging above him. He is a sweet baby!

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