Sunday, September 07, 2014

4th of July

The 4th of July is always one of our favorite holidays where we live. We start the day with our awesome parade. Every year, Aunt Domi and family come up for the parade and we have a great time. And since we moved last year, we can now walk to the parade, which is nice and easy.  Abbey's kindergarten teacher (she was also Ben's teacher) lives on the parade route and always invites her class to come to her house to watch the parade, which is a lot of fun as the kids get to see all their friends.  Here is a good group shot of some of the kids that were there.
Unfortunately, my camera was out of battery (which I didn't realize until right before we left), so we just have a few phone pictures.

Matthew was a good sport, sleeping most of the time in the stroller, but when he woke up, he was just happy to hang out and play with his feet (a favorite past time of his).

The above picture is Ben with Mrs. Balogh, the awesome kindergarten teacher who invited us to her house!  The below picture is my good friend, Rachael, who has triplets in Ben's class. 
After the parade, it was time to load up in the wagon and walk home.
After a traditional July 4 BBQ, we had the afternoon to relax and play with the cousins, which is our yearly tradition.
After a rest and some dinner, it was fireworks time!  I stayed home with Matthew, but Daddy packed up the wagon with these three and went to meet up with some friends to watch the fireworks at Arlington Park (also within walking distance...did I mention I love the location of our new house?).
It was a long day and these girls were tired.
Apparently, Juliette wrapped herself up in the blanket on the ground and went to sleep - she is lucky she wasn't stepped on!
This picture cracks me up because Juliette got moved to a chair and this is Rachael trying to wake her up when it was over.  Juliette will fall asleep anywhere if she decides she is tired.  Love that girl!
And Ben and Daddy at the fireworks.  It was a great day and a lot of fun! 

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