Sunday, September 07, 2014

Backyard Mass

Our Church had a really cool thing this year where you could invite people over and have a Mass said in your backyard. It could be for a celebration of some kind or just a get together. We loved the idea and quickly jumped on board to host one at our house. So on July 3, to kick off a fun July 4 weekend, we had some of our friends come over for a Mass with our Pastor, Fr. Matt. Since it was the start to the holiday weekend, about half of the people we invited could not make it, but we ended up with about 60 people, which was a good number for our backyard. There was some playground playing before Mass started though.  And Fr. Matt brought his own set up, we just had to provide a table.  It worked out really nicely that the "Altar" was up on our deck so everyone could see.

Thanks so much to my friend Rachael for taking pictures during the Mass!
We were blessed to have a beautiful night weather wise so it was lovely being outside for Mass.
Fr. Matt had all the kids come up for the consecration.
And Fr. Joji came by as well for the Mass and to hang out a bit afterward.  We had an ice cream sundae bar set up after Mass for people to enjoy.  Our good friend Mike with Fr. Joji and Matthew (Matthew gets passed around a lot at parties!).
Fr. Matt likes to hold Matthew whenever he sees him, which is really sweet. I am always afraid Matthew is going to spit up all over his black shirt though! I always warn Fr. Matt that it might happen, but he doesn't seem too concerned about it.  It was a really nice evening and everyone had a good time.  It was a perfect start to the holiday weekend and we hope to repeat the fun again next summer. 

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