Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bye Bye O'Connor's!

Some of our best friends took an assignment in Singapore for a few years, so we had the summer of goodbyes with them. They have triplets in Ben's grade and their whole family have become very good friends to our family, so this was hard news for us to hear that they were leaving. Luckily we had the summer to spend time together. Before they embarked on their adventure, we had a small BBQ at our house to say "Good Luck" and see you soon!
The kids brought their PJ's and watched a movie once it started getting late.  Ellie forgot her PJ's and luckily Abbey had just received two pairs of the same PJ's for her birthday - one in a size too big for her!  So she shared those with Ellie and they looked cute.
Ben and Michael playing with Matthew.
All the kids.
Time to settle in for movie night while the adults sit outside on the porch and talk.
We really miss them, but we have been keeping in touch.  We look forward to their visit next summer though and will keep writing letters and video calling until then :)

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