Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ben Turns 9!

After we recovered from the Valentine's Day Massacre, the next day was Ben's birthday! February 15th, 2006 at 10:55am, Baby Ben entered the world and made us parents. What a true blessing! We had a low key day planned, so he got to open up his gifts right after Church.  He loved reading the cards.
And he was super excited about this new book he had been asking for.
But then he wondered what was in the large packages...so the kids worked together to open them up!
A new air hockey table and a fooseball table!  The air hockey table required little assembly, so the kids got to playing it right away!
And then they played with the box...because there are so many things you can do with a giant box!  This time, they made it into a space ship.  The girls (in the box) are at the controls.  They even drew the buttons and steering wheel!
I loved this - now they are in space so the girls turned sideways to show how they were floating in space - ha!

Even Matthew really enjoyed the table!

He got a big kick out of the puck flying towards him!
That night I made spaghetti (at Ben's request) for dinner.  And for the first time, he did not want an elaborate themed cake.  I was slightly disappointed as I really do enjoy making them and flexing my creativity to make what they want.  But, he wanted a Texas Sheet Cake, which is a family recipe and the cake I grew up loving for my birthday, so I couldn't be too disappointed with that!
Big guy - can't believe he is 9!
This year, the Spongebob movie came out right around Ben's birthday.  So he took 9 boys (plus his cousin and sisters) to see the movie.  This is not my type of movie, but it is perfect for 9 year old boys, so it worked out well.

After the movie we walked over to Yogurtland for a treat.

Just a good shot of Abbey.
Ben is in third grade this year and it has been a big year.  For some reason, third grade feels big.  He is not a little kid anymore.  Even his teacher has stressed to them all year that they are big kids in school now.  He has learned a lot this year, questioned a lot, and grown a lot.  We have seen him mature and handle himself really well.  Of course there are still times when he doesn't handle himself well, but we have seen a lot of growth in him.  He is an amazing big brother to Matthew.  He is usually a good big brother to the girls, although he does tend to tease and annoy them - I guess that is part of being a big brother too.  He is a funny kid, fun to be around, and really smart.  He loves all sports, although he chose to do travel soccer this year so that limited his access to other sports (which he didn't like, but we can't do everything).  Part of getting older is making these types of big decisions.  He is an avid reader - can't keep new books around fast enough! Luckily, he does not mind rereading books several times and we go to the library quite often, but it is challenging finding quality books for him to read that are age appropriate!  He loves to learn and it is really enjoyable to have real conversations with him about what he is learning.  His teacher has been able to challenge him this year by having another teacher come in to work with him and a few other students as they step up and learn 4th grade math.  He is really enjoying that.  It has been a good year and we can't wait to see how things keep going for him as he enters his 10th year, which I think is another big year of growth and changes.  Fun times to come!!

On to his stats...Ben weighed in at 71 pounds and was 53 7/8 inches.  He is getting big and will surpass his mama before too long! 

Happy Birthday Buddy - we love you!!!

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