Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Other Winter Happenings

Winter in Illinois means staying inside and trying to find some fun. Ben found a way one day by bringing out his box of old train stuff. He figured Matthew was ready to play with it.
Although Matthew enjoyed watching the trains and picking up the pieces, I think Ben was the one who really had fun with this.  He started to get frustrated when Matthew would pick up the trains off the track when he was trying to make them go around!  After a while, we packed the trains back up and will wait until Matthew is a bit older to bring them out again.  But all the kids had fun playing with the trains that they hadn't seen in quite a while!
Ben had the Cub Scout pinewood derby.  He is a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles (not clear on the real reason for that) so he decorated his car to reflect that.  No real wins this year, but he had fun making the car anyway!
When did this girl get so big?
Back in November when we went to Jubilation, we bid on a bowling afternoon with Juliette's teacher and two of her friends.  They had so much fun - Juliette really loves her teacher!
Just some cute shots of Matthew and his siblings have fun at home.

We also went to the All Scout Mass where Ben earned his Parvuli Dei Award that he had been working towards!
And this little guy has become quite fond of balls!  He will move across the room to grab one.  His favorite thing is to throw a ball to someone and have it roll it back to him.  

Just a cute shot of Juliette and the craft she made at school - it's The Lorax!
And then we came upon St. Patrick's Day and we found that Matthew's awesome hat from Aunt Theresa from last year still fit him!!  He was adorable!

And before we knew it, we found ourselves getting ready for our big spring break trip!  I took the girls to get their first mani/pedi's and they loved it.  I have been telling Abbey for a while now that if she stopped biting her nails and grew them out that I would take her to get a manicure.  Well, that was apparently good motivation because she did awesome and her nails looked great.  Juliette always has long nails.  They both really enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun taking them too.

Now on to Spring Break!!!

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