Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Abbey turns 7!

After all of the July 4th festivities die down, then we get to celebrate Abbey's birthday! I can't believe this girl turned 7 this summer - where has the time gone? She was excited that on the day of her actual birthday, Cousin Caroline and Aunt Domi came over for some fun. Abbey requested a cookie cake this year, so I found a Frozen themed one at the store. It made me sad that she did not want a big decorated cake this year, yet this was so much easier!
So after her dinner of choice (spaghetti), we got the cake ready.
I surprised her with candles that relight again after you blow them out!  She didn't know what was going on, but when we first lit them, they were sparking so she was a bit nervous!

Once they quit sparking, she went in to blow them out quickly...
And then...oh my goodness....the flame came back again!  It was really fun and took her a while to blow them out completely.  
Cuties!!  Oh, and notice Abbey's shirt!  We watched a lot of the women's world cup this year so she really wanted a shirt of Abby Wambach, so Aunt Domi got her an Abby Wambach shirt and she was thrilled.
For her birthday party, we took a bunch of her friends to see the Minion movie.  She had the shirt to go with it (thanks again to Aunt Domi).  
And Abbey made all these cute Minion goodie bags to give her friends.
Ready for the movie!
After the movie, we walked the kids over to the frozen yogurt shop and everyone got a tasty treat. We sang happy birthday to Abbey with our yogurts.

It was a fun party.
Then it was back to our house to relax and open some presents.  Uncle Brandon very kindly had stayed back at the house with Matthew during the movie party.  And the girls were quick to cling to him (as usual) for some rest when we got home.
After Matthew got up from his nap, he had a good time walking around the block with Uncle Brandon and then having a snack with Aunt Domi.  Look at those curls!
Despite the long hair, I was not ready to cut off those cute summer curls!
Ben got our his volcano set and the kids did some fun science eruptions.

As part of the birthday celebration (and part of an early celebration for Juliette's August birthday), I took the girls down to the American Girl store for breakfast.  The girls were excited to wear their matching clothes with their dolls.

Caroline and Aunt Domi met us down there too and we had a really nice breakfast.  I haven't been to the restaurant for other meals, but I will say that their breakfast is really good.
After breakfast we had fun walking around the store.

Abbey had been saving her allowance money plus some birthday money she received and was able to buy herself Grace, the doll of the year.  She was so excited and I was proud of her for saving her money and using it on a big purchase like that!
Girls and dolls....I love it!
This is a poster of the doll that Abbey bought.
Obligatory American Girl star picture!
Juliette did not have enough money to buy a doll and instead of continuing to save up, she decided to spend all of her money on a matching bathing suit for her and her doll.  Glad she had enough money saved for that!  And Caroline also had saved up her money (since Christmas!!) and was able to buy a doll too.  So proud of these girls for saving up their money for some big purchases!
Cutie pie.
The boys had spent the morning at the planetarium downtown, so while we waited for them to pick us up, the girls watched the American Girl movie that was being shown in the store.  
It was a great morning.  Here is Juliette showing off her new matching swim suits!
The girls went to a performance camp - setting the stage - that was similar to the play they were in during the spring.  This time the girls had real parts and they were so excited and did great!

The play was "Into the Woods" and Abbey was Cinderella and Juliette was one of the wicked step sisters.  Great job girls!!

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