Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Good Friends!

Our very good friends, the O'Connor's, were back this summer for about 6 weeks from their expatriate assignment in Singapore and we made the most of their time here!  The kids had lots of play time with them.  It was especially nice because they only live about 2 blocks away and the kids are getting old enough to ride bikes to each other's houses (although I was nervous about it so I always got confirmation via text when they arrived!).  They all got to experience a milestone together too....their first lemonade stand!  It was a huge success as the kids made almost $100.  Their marketing was key - riding bikes up and down the streets letting people know about it.  And in the end, they gave free cookies to neighborhood kids who brought paying customers!  Well done kids!
Money Money Money!
The adults went to Ravinia one night, which is an outdoor concert venue.  We brought food and wine and had a great time!

And there was a lot of just fun backyard summer playing too!  We set the pool up and the kids had fun jumping off the swings into the pool!

Then we set up the slip and slide at the bottom of our slide, so they got going really fast down it.  
Ben had his first sleepover at their house right before the end of their trip.  He had a ton of fun and it was special that it was with them.
And before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye again.  So we had a bbq before they left.  Matthew saying goodbye to Rachael.
And Mike.
Girls (Abbey being too shy to jump in the picture).

All the kiddos!

And the men.  This picture cracks me up.  Looks like someone is running for office and shaking hands for the camera!

We had a great time this summer being with you guys and miss you again. Until next summer!

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