Saturday, May 14, 2016

Warm Winter

We had such a warm winter - I really enjoyed it! After the snow we enjoyed for Ben's birthday, it quickly melted (YAY!) and we were back to warmer temps within a few days. So we took advantage of the warmer weather and got out our bikes.  We put together Matthew's new tricycle that Madgie and Patch got him for his birthday.  Juliette showed him how to use it.

Then Matthew decided to try his hand at golf!
And in big exciting news....Juliette learned how to ride her bike!  She told me that after 2 seasons of playing basketball, she was probably strong enough to do it now.  She did awesome and took off pedaling down the street.  She was having trouble keeping going because she kept veering off into the grass, so I let her go on the street to get the feel without worrying about running into the grass and that helped immensely.  She just took off down the street!  After a few tries on the street, she was able to take it back to the sidewalk and do it well.  She just needed that practice on a wider pavement.  There is something so exciting about watching the kids learn to ride their bikes for the first time!

Matthew isn't quite big enough to pedal yet, but he really enjoyed Daddy pushing him on his new bike!

What a great day February!!!  And I took the kids in for their 6 month dentist check up.  I went back to talk to the dentist with Juliette really quickly and came out to find this adorable scene - Matthew and Abbey sitting so nicely in the waiting area reading books!  I had to snap a quick picture.

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