Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wasn't it just January and I was all caught up on the blog? Well, that didn't last long. Time goes so fast - I honestly don't know where it goes! But, let's head back to the last week in January, which was Catholic Schools Week. This is a week where we get excited and celebrate Catholic education. They have fun stuff planned all week and on Friday is the Variety Show. Anyone can enter and most kids do perform something, so it is a lot of fun. This year Abbey and Ben were both in two acts. Abbey's first performance was with the school choir that she in as they performed the song, "On Top Of The World."

Then she got to perform again as the second grade girls did "Thriller", which was really cute and well organized by a few of the moms.  She's on the end on the left in this picture.  This was really fun for Abbey because she already loved this song and now she got to learn the dance too!
Juliette's Daisy Scout troop performed the "Gummy Bear" dance, which was very cute and the crowd loved it.

As a member of the school Beginner Band, Ben got to join the bucket band.  It was amazing - they each got to decorate their own bucket in the theme of the year (the Holy Spirit) and then performed a song about it.  There were over 100 kids in the bucket band and it was truly an amazing performance.  And what a fun thing to coordinate for the kids - thanks to our AWESOME band teacher!

A few of Ben's friends got together and performed "The Final Countdown" by the 80's band Europe.  When I first mentioned this to Ben, he was all about it, but he thought it was the football commercial with this song that they would be performing.  He was a bit hesitant when he realized that they were actually going to dress up like the 80's band and sing the song, but he had already committed to his friends and he was a good sport about it.  He played the drummer and ended up having a lot of fun with it.  Thank you to the Mom who coordinated this act as well - Ben had a lot of fun doing it with his friends!

It was a great show.  The kids had a ton of fun performing and seeing all of the other creative acts as well.  This is always a highlight of Catholic Schools Week!

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