Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Fun

We have been having lots of fun this summer! It actually hasn't been very warm, but we did make it to the pool on one of the hotter days. Abbey really enjoyed the water and splashing around in the kids pool, but also enjoyed lounging around on her towel too.

Ben can't get enough of the water. Our pool has a great kids area with fountains, which Ben really likes (see below). They also have a zero depth pool that eventually goes about 4 feet deep, so he likes swimming around in there too. And finally, there is a kids slide in the shallow end of the big pool too! Even with all the kid friendly areas, Ben still likes going with us in the deeper water and holding his breath to go under water. He is a big fan of all the pool has to offer!

Yesterday was beautiful weather, so we decided to take the train downtown and go to the Field museum. Ben was very excited to actually ride the train that Mommy gets on to go to work sometimes.

Everyone had fun at the Field museum and we got the family membership, so I am sure we will be back once the new baby is a little older.

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