Sunday, October 04, 2009


Ben was invited to spend the night with his cousin on Thursday night (thanks Aunt Domi - he had a blast!), so it was just us girls at home on Friday. I took this as an opportunity to create some sisterly bonding, and it seemed to work! We started off putting Juliette next to Abbey in the chair and she sort of thought it was cute.

Then I put Juliette up against her side and she thought this was even better.

When I took Juliette away, Abbey actually cried and reached for her sister! So I put her back in the corner of the chair and Abbey proceeded to point out all of Juliette's features. Here is Abbey pointing out Juliette's hair (Ju Ju hair). You can see that Juliette is actually enjoying this as well!

And here is Abbey reading to her sister and then giving her the book. They had a good time together and it was good to see Abbey so interested in her sister!
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