Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Abbey is 17 months!

I thought I would just take a moment to update you on how Abbey is doing lately. She is 17 months now going on 2. She is quite the handful! She is very independent and just wants to run around, which means when we take her places it is a full time job of one of us to keep an eye on her and chase after her because she will just take off without warning! She is also in the stage of pulling everything down from shelves so keeping the house picked up is impossible. Although tiring, it is such a fun stage she is going through and you can see her learning so much everyday. She says new words everyday and is putting several words together too. Not making sentences yet, but putting words together to get ideas across. She is adjusting well to Juliette, but she does want to be held constantly, especially if Juliette is crying! Her interaction with Juliette is limited to pointing out her features (nose, hair, etc.), taking her socks off, and buckling her into her swing or bouncy seat (Abbey loves to buckle things). She calls her JuJu, so we have all taken to calling her that as well. She adores Ben and wants to do whatever he is doing. Although she is not shy about making a fuss if he takes her toy or bothers her when she is not in the mood to play. You can see she wants to play with the big kids (Ben and his friends) and is fearless when it comes to trying new things. She will probably be our trouble-maker, but for now we just chalk it up to her experiencing new things and being adventuresome. She still likes to cuddle and wakes up every morning saying "Hi JuJu" as Juliette is in the crib next to hers. She is doing great and I just wanted to give an update on her specifically as she is changing so much these days!

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