Monday, December 07, 2009

Saint Nicholas

Saturday was fun filled too. We had swimming class in the morning (which Abbey loves) and then had our friend Adrian over to play. His mommy and I used to work together, so it was good catching up. We didn't get any pictures of that though.

So now on to Sunday. We went over to Aunt Domi's neck of the woods for church because we heard that St. Nicholas might be visiting after mass...and he did! Here are the Chicagoland cousins with St. Nick...

The cousins all dressed up...

You will notice that Caroline, Abbey and Juliette all have matching dresses courtesy of Aunt Theresa! AND, Ben has a matching sweater (hard to tell from these pictures, but the pattern on the dress matches the pattern on the sweater). We tried to get a good picture of all of them, but this was the best one. Abbey didn't feel like sitting still for pictures, so Caroline was trying to keep her on the step, but it looks in the pictures like she has her in a head lock! So those pictures didn't quite turn out very cute and this one was the only one where they all look relatively happy (except you can see how mad Juliette is that we woke her up to take pictures)!

But this one turned out super cute!
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