Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hard to believe, but Juliette is 9 months old now! As I may have blogged before, my favorite picture place went out of business after her 3 month pictures and so we tried JcP for her 6 month pictures, but I was unhappy with that experience. So a good friend of mine recommended Portrait Innovations and we decided to give it a try...and we liked it a lot! The lady was great with Juliette in getting her to smile, which was not easy at first because she would cry every time the lights would flash and make that popping noise! So it took a while to get going, but eventually she warmed up (with some added silliness provided by Daddy) and we got some great pictures! I definitely plan to go back here for future pictures and at some point will try a picture of all 3 of them here. Thanks for the recommendation Kelley!! Here are a few of my favorites...

As for an update on Juliette, she is not crawling yet, but I think she is close. She gets up on all 4's and rocks back and forth, but then gets on her tummy. Abbey did this at first but crawled pretty quickly after that (as opposed to Ben who scooted on his tummy for months before getting up on all 4's to crawl). Once she is on her tummy, she either moves in a circle, rolls to get where she wants to go, or pushes herself backwards. She is eating some table food, but not too much. I give her some of our dinner every night, but she doesn't eat a ton of it and still seems to prefer her baby food. But it's getting better - we must keep working on it so she can eat birthday cake when she turns 1!! She is doing great though and is constantly entertained by her siblings! We are so blessed!
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