Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kurby Play Date

We had a great weekend! On Saturday, we went over to Aunt Domi's to drink mint julips, eat Derby pie and oh yeah, watch the Kentucky Derby! No pictures of that, but definitely a good time so worthy of a mention even without pictures to post.

On Sunday we had Uncle Phil, Aunt Sandy, Joey (4 days older than Abbey) and Jillian over - it had been way too long since we have been able to get together! Jillian is now 4 months old and getting much closer to Juliette's size - they are sure to be best friends! Here they are sharing a toy.

And Ben and Joey had fun on the bikes!

Aunt Sandy shows she can handle multiple kids at once!

Juliette and Jillian sharing another toy later on...

And here they are deep in conversation...or a staring contest...

As it got later, we put PJ's on the kids and Joey and Abbey decided to take a little rest on Chien (who did not seem to mind, let alone notice, that the kids were using him as a pillow - good dog!!).

We had so much fun - hope it isn't that long before we can see you all again!

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