Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Other Weekend Happenings

Well, we continued to have a great Labor Day Weekend, unfortunately, I cannot show you any of it. On Sunday, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and our membership and spent the day at the zoo. We packed a picnic lunch and really enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately, we somehow lost our camera while we were there :( But the good news is that the Brookfield Zoo Police called me later that night to let me know it had been turned into the Lost and Found (good thing I checked there before we left and gave them my information)! So, we will get it back, but I have to go pick it up and the zoo is not exactly close to us, so it will be another week or so before we get it back. I will post any pictures we took at the zoo that day once we get it back.

But, I didn't want to stop telling you our adventures, so here is just a brief description of the rest of our weekend - I will keep it brief as I know you really only want to see pictures!

Monday, Labor Day, we went to Lake Arlington, which is about 3 miles from our house. We hadn't been all summer and it was a great day to go. They have a little sandy beach there (which we didn't know about, so the kids just got sandy and wet in their clothes to have some fun). We rented a paddle boat and the kids really liked that. It is rented for a half hour, which was really enough time. Ben and Abbey probably could have stayed out longer, but Juliette was antsy and really just wanted to be rid of that life jacket she was wearing! We had a nice picnic lunch there and spent some time on the playground there too. It was a nice and relaxing day to end the weekend. I do have some pictures of it on my phone, so maybe I will try to see if I can get those onto the computer...I'm sure my in-house tech support can help me with that task :)

Hope everyone else had a great Labor Day weekend too!

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