Monday, February 21, 2011

18 Months!

It is so hard to believe, but our little Juju is 18 months already! Time flies and our baby is turning into a big girl right before our eyes. We took her to the doctor last week (when we took Ben) and she did great. She got two shots, but only cried for a few seconds (unlike big brother). She was 30 inches tall and 22 pounds, which put her in the 10th percentile for height and 20th percentile for weight...our little jelly bean! I guess she takes after me, although I apparently wasn't even on the growth charts when I was little so I guess she is doing better than I did!

As for her development, she is moving right along. She talks a lot and is starting to put together little sentences. Her first sentence was "Can you hold me?" - so like her sister in that respect! She repeats anything you say and anything her siblings say, which is often pretty funny. She loves to sing songs and can sing her abc's, Baa Baa Black Sheep, "Dream a little dream of me", which is the song I sing to her before bed, Happy Birthday (she sang the whole song to Ben on his birthday, which he loved), she can sing a lot of Ariel's song in "The Little Mermaid", thanks to her sister who is constantly singing it, and most of her nursery rhyme songs. You can usually just listen and hear her singing various songs to herself. She also likes to dance now, which is very cute. As for her sleeping habits, she is still on one afternoon nap and sleeps very well all night long. We think she eats really well, so not sure why she is so little, but oh well.

As for play time, she is a perfect combination of loving to play with both her big brother and big sister. She knows all the major super heroes, yet takes time to care for her baby dolls by feeding them, changing them, taking them for walks in her stroller and putting them to sleep. She loves to play dress up and can rock the Batman costume accessorized with princess shoes and a tiara. She loves to read books and is constantly bringing us books and asking us to read her "stories". She likes to be held, but also likes to run around with her siblings and act like a big kid as best she can. Ben and I frequently comment that our little baby is growing up and we don't like it one bit - stay our little baby forever!!

Here are just come cute pics of her...

Love this one because it shows her little mischievous, this shows her usual position - her left thumb in her mouth and right hand twirling her hair...
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