Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing Josh

It's hard to believe, but it has been two years since God called baby Josh home. He was born 4 days before Abbey on 7/3/08 and died on 3/14/09. We still think about him all the time and have his picture on our fridge so we can talk to our kids about him. Yesterday, we had a mass said in our church for him and the anniversary of his death. When Ben heard his name called out in mass, he knew exactly who Josh was. He then went on to ask us if Josh had his baby rattle up in Heaven with him (we assured him that Josh had his rattle and teddy bear) and wanted to say prayers for Josh. We also reminded Ben to pray for Josh's family too as they miss him so much everyday. At the end of mass, Ben wanted to be "lonely" for a few moments so he went off to a corner in the church. When he came back to us, he told us that he wanted to say another special prayer for Josh by himself. Josh continues to touch our family's hearts at the mere mention of his name. God Bless you Josh. We miss and love you.

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Kurby Family said...

Thank you! We love you guys!