Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Church Egg Hunt

Every year, our church has a blessing of the Easter baskets and then an egg hunt for all the kids. So, we invited Aunt Domi, Uncle Brandon, Hunter, Caroline, Aunt Theresa, Uncle David, Aunt Carolyn, Madelyn and Virginia (who were up visiting for the weekend) to come along. Look - Abbey found an egg!

Caroline helps Juliette get a few eggs too.

Virginia found a prize in one of her eggs.

Here's the whole crew after the hunt.

Ben off to find more eggs!

Then we got to meet the Easter bunny! As usual, Abbey wouldn't go near the Easter bunny, but did wave to him as we left (which I consider more progress). Juliette apparently also does not like characters as she screamed when put on his lap. That is why I am in the picture as well with all the cousins - the only way I could get both girls in the picture! Luckily, Ben and Caroline were happy to sit on his lap!

Then it was back to our house for some relaxation and reading with Uncle David...appropriately reading Juliette's favorite book "David Goes to School"

While Uncle Brandon napped on the couch, Abbey took the opportunity (with encouragement from Aunt Domi) to decorate him with stickers. I think he really liked the look when he woke up!

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