Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Papa turns 70!

This weekend we took a quick trip down to Tennessee to surprise Papa for his 70th birthday! Paul, one of his brothers, his two sisters, and most of their respective families all came down and surprised him and there was a big party on Saturday night. Mama Kay had out a bunch of pictures of Papa when he was very young and it was fun for us to see which children and grandchildren look like him.
The party was a lot of fun and had excellent food. Here's the kids table!
Mommy and Ben.
Abbey stationed herself next to the cupcakes...
Ben and Caroline - this is right before they opened the cooler and brought beer into the house to Daddy saying "Free Beer!"
Juliette took to hosting duties and made sure to clean up for people...
Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Papa. Luckily, he had some very willing volunteers to help blow out the candles!
Uncle David got some time with Caroline, Juliette and Madeyln.
Unfortunately, our camera ran out of batteries and we somehow forgot to bring the charger with us. I have a few other pictures of the weekend that I will post, but not too many. It was a great party and celebration though and we were so glad we were able to come and partake in the special weekend. We love you Papa!

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