Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter lunch

After Church we headed over to Aunt Domi's for Easter lunch and some more quality time with family. Here are all the cousins in the family.

And here is everyone (missing only Uncle Al and Mama Kay and Papa).

Andrew shows off our feast, which included ham, lamb, and many delicious sides (one of which was my grandmother's recipe for scalloped potatoes - a dish I had every Easter growing up and was excited to make for the first time).

Then it was time to play some more. Virginia pushed Juliette on the swing for a while, which she loved.

Ben and Caroline on the slides.

Caroline running down the side walk.

Abbey chasing a ball.

Juliette found a big ball!

After carrying that, she was a bit tired so she relaxed and watched the others play with Uncle Brandon.

Cutie pie!

Ah, she found more was her personal mission all day to find candy that someone had left around...she was quite successful too!

We had a fabulous Easter and I hope everyone else did too! HAPPY EASTER!!

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