Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ben turns 6

So Ben has been 6 for a few weeks now, but I haven't had a chance to update the blog about his growth and development. We have all been so sick around here that nothing seems to get done lately, including the blog! So, let me try to update now on Ben (update on Juju to come later).

We took Ben in for his 6 year appointment and he weighed in at a big 52 pounds and was 46.5 inches tall. That put him in 80% for weight and 70% for height, so pretty consistent with his growth chart all along. He is going to be taller than me before long!

Ben had quite the year - he started kindergarten for one thing! It actually took him a while to adjust, but things seems to be running smoothly now, so we are happy about that. He has a fantastic teacher that we have been very happy with. He goes from 8:30-11:30 every day with an option to stay until the end of school a few times a month. Well, he could stay 3 days a week, but we limit it to a few times a month. He really enjoys staying, so hopefully he will enjoy it next year when he stays every day! He has a lot of friends and we have had a lot of fun getting to know the other families in his class and getting together with them outside of school. We are extremely happy with the school.

He has learned so much in kindergarten - we were shocked as we both remember kindergarten being a big play time. Don't get me wrong, they play and have fun, but they are learning so much. For one thing, Ben can now read. And they do a lot of reading comprehension and writing too. They are also doing a lot of math, some of which Ben knew before kindergarten, but practice is always good.

Ben has computer class once a week, music class once a week, a trip to the school library every other week, and gym once a week. He also attends mass every Friday with the whole school. He also has weekly spelling homework and nightly reading homework. So they are pretty busy in the short time they are at school! Friday they get to spend time in the 1st grade classroom and I get to go hear a presentation on 1st grade, so that will be interesting!

Socially, Ben is very into playing with his friends and is constantly asking me to set up play dates with his friends. He is currently taking karate, which he really likes and we might take it up again in the fall/winter as he is already signed up for spring soccer and rookie ball (which is coach's pitch baseball - one move up from t-ball). He also wants to do swim team, so I am considering that for this summer too. He also wants to try flag football in the fall with a bunch of his friends, so we'll see what happens with that too! He is still into running and on nice days he will come running with me. It's actually really fun - we go about a mile and he tells me when we run and when we need to stop and walk. We went yesterday and just had a great time together, talking and racing each other. Then we came in and he taught me a new type of sit-up that they do in karate class! He is going to become my personal trainer soon!

Ben no longer naps and it wasn't as big a deal to lose the nap as I thought it would be. It's actually a nice time for us to do stuff together that is age appropriate for him without the girls being around. I am going to miss him next year when he is in school all day!

When Ben turned 5 he started having chores and getting an allowance, so now we have upped his chores a little bit (but not his allowance - ha!). It is amazing how quickly his money adds up though. Hopefully he is learning the value of a dollar as he decides what to buy or save his money.

Overall, Ben is doing great and I can't believe he is 6 years old already and will be in all day school next year! We love you so much buddy!

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